I have a new project, how should I contact you?

The absolute best and first place to start is to use our project inquiry form. We welcome all shapes and sizes and you don't even have to be in the same city as us. Once we hear from you, we’ll be in touch to gather more information as applicable or to set up a time to talk more in detail about what you are planing and scheming.

When should I contact you to start my project?

We find that most businesses, especially startups underestimate the amount of time needed to execute their branding, package design, web design, and web development projects. In other words, don't expect a website in a month. The sooner the better, but only if you are just about ready to begin or make a commitment to book your project into our schedule. The more elements in the mix, the more time we will need to execute each phase. Your timeline is heavily dependent on the size and scope of your individual project. Keep in mind that copywriting and photography also require a fair amount of attention before your content can be delivered to us for design work to begin. If you need assistance with these types of services, we can consult or pair you up with one of our extended team partners.

Are you taking on new projects?

Yes! We usually say, the more the merrier, however we’ll need you to fill our our project inquiry form to see if your needs and our availability result in a good match at this time.

What size projects do you take on?

We work with a range of clients that fall into all different shape or size categories. This includes individuals with ideas or services, small businesses, startups, and larger companies. We are also open to collaborating with larger corporations, especially if it involves an awesome opportunity or some killer packaging design.

Must I be in-person or in the same state to work with you?

Absolutely not! Design Womb works with clients all over the globe. We can arrange to work in person or virtually using tools such as email, Google+, Skype or phone. Design Womb has worked with local clients in Chicago, Illinois as well as national clients in New York, Louisiana, Chicago, Virginia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We have even had international clients in the U.K. and Saudi Arabia.

How many people work at Design Womb?

It’s me (Nicole LaFave), and a strategic extended team of collaborators which includes a web developer  brand strategist, copywriter, and bird. We have a reliable network of resources when they are needed. As part of a consulting service to you, we can also help source or recommend someone for additional needs such as illustration, printing, copywriting, photography, or editing.

Are you hiring or do you take on internships?

While Design Womb is not currently hiring an in-house designer at this time, we are a growing organization and still love to hear from you so when the time is right we know where to look. We are almost ready to take on an entry-level freelance-to-hire designer or intern for the new year. We are open to strategic partnerships, expanding our studio, and look forward to being able to offer enriching internships soon. With that said, if the right person were to come along, we might be easily convinced. We are always looking for reliable web developers and copywriters as well. Expression Engine training and physical location in Chicago are pluses.

How much do your services cost?

Every project is unique. Based on your needs, we price our services on a project-basis. Please use our project inquiry form or contact us to discuss details about your project.

How long will it take to design a logo or website?

Please see “How much do your services cost?” Every project is unique, and it all depends on the scope, calendar, and commitment date here.

Do you design websites?

Yes. While Design Womb handles front-end design mockups, we partner with a go-to associate web developer for the development of your site. We can also source a web developer or speak to someone you had in mind for the build, but always suggest working with our strategic partner and team. If you are a web developer or mobile application developer that would like to be in our go-to library of people to work with, please say hello.

What is a CMS or Content Management System?

A CMS is a software application used to upload, edit and manage content displayed on a website. A content management system can preform a variety of different tasks for a website including regulating when content is displayed, how it it shown and how it interacts with other elements on a website. Most importantly, this software enables less technical individuals to manage content on a website easily without having extensive coding background.

Do you offer printing services?

While we do not print anything in-house, we are here to assist you with details such as sourcing print bids, and delivering the right resource for your print design collateral or project needs. We also have the ability to offer a turn-key solution if you require it. If you have someone in mind, that’s great as well.

Can you provide copywriting services?

Absolutely. We have a go-to extended team member in New York, but can also consult on finding additional solutions that fit any given scenario. If you are a writer that would like to be in our go-to library of people to work with, please send us a note.

Where are you located in the city?

Design Womb is located in Chicago, Illinois and operates in Wicker Park. We've also spent over 8 years out west between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our extend team members are spread across the country in New York, Virginia, and California. 

Can I/we feature or write about Design Womb?

Heck yes! Although, we ask that you kindly let us know and get permission to use any of our work or photography. If you'd like to interview Nicole or request something specific please contact us

What’s with all the cowhide?

Cowhide is awesome.

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