An Ode to 438 N. Venice Blvd.

I have spent the last 4-1/2 years at "chez vert" 438 N. Venice, here in Venice, California. On June 1st, that all comes to an end and a new chapter in my life will begin in the heart of San Francisco. This place has been a home away from home (Michigan) to me, and I am going to miss the little things the most. The sound of quacking ducks outside lets you know you are home. Watching mama ducks with their babies out the back window makes for the perfect lunch break. Walking or running in the Venice Canals and the smell of the ocean breeze in the summer work as natural stress relievers. I could go on for awhile about Abbott Kinney, our favorite places to eat and coffee trips here, but at last it's time to start saying goodbye Los Angeles and HELLO San Francisco!

May 24, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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