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Featured Client: Taryn Bickley

Taryn Bickley is a Chicago based freelance stylist, shopper and writer. She needed something that reflected her personality, but remained simple and sophisticated to showcase her portfolio of work. The results were a simple brand, website and stationary collateral that I designed to help market and grow her freelance business. You can view my work for Taryn here. Taryn is playful and whimsical with a modern twist. You can view her styling and writing work at and follow her more recent endeavor at her new blog Sage & Style. Need to find the perfect set of glasses or trying to find that perfect tray for the party you are throwing next week? TB is the go-to-girl for those types of questions and her new blog helps out. Thats not all! Taryn is currently working with me on a styling for a new branding project for Chic by Design, a new spin on upscale and smart gifting. She is styling the shoot and working closely with photographer, Cybelle Codish.

April 28, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Typography Tuesday

April 27, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Dinner is just a “click” away!

All I could do was laugh when I came across these fantastic Click oven mitts. Get them here! Great gift idea for that computer geek of yours.

April 23, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Just the right cup.

My morning ritual goes a little something like this. After my coffee beans have been ground and the pot is brewing, I grab my Think Thin breakfast bar while I wait. Soon after, the golden moment comes. I have to pick which coffee mug/cup I will use today. I have a set of Pantone mugs, so every day is a different color. Sometimes I base it on my mood, others on the type of day that color evokes. Now, if I could have these mugs for my afternoon tea to put in the mix, I would have a whole new layer of decisions to make. These cheery porcelain mugs are hand-decaled byAustralian artist Samantha Robinson. Sure, maybe all this thought is a little too much for some of you in the mornings, but you can't go wrong and won't even have to think if you have these new beauties to pick from.

April 22, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

What is your background?

I've always wondered the thought process behind why people chose the twitter background they have on their profiles. I try to update my profile background every handful of months. Earlier this year it was all about the shoes. Last month it was felted texture, and this month a wallpaper collage of portfolio work. What's your background and why? If you use twitter as a marketing tool for yourself or your business, you should pay close attention to that background or invest in having one made to reflect your brand.

April 21, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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