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Schleck Express

As many of you know I follow the Tour de France. J-Pierre got me into this cycling race many years ago and I have become a total geek about it. We wake up early every single morning for 3 weeks to watch the race and follow all of the "drama" behind the scenes. Who knew guys in spandex could have carry around so much drama at times? Aside from following the riders, their personalities, learning about their teams and history the race is strategic and interesting and I always love to pick my favorite "outfit" combos to check out who has done the best with their branding. I've been an big Andy & Schleck fan for awhile now, alongside their teammates Jens Voigt & "Fabu" I couldn't resist. They are too goofy (watch the video) and lovable. I was torn when Lance Armstrong was racing with them (sorry Lance), they just crack me up and have big hearts. It's fun to watch them mature over time as well. Did any of you notice how sexy Frank has gotten? He must be taking manly tips from Fabien. Tomorrow is the final day of the race, and it was determined today that though the brothers will not take the yellow home, they both placed on the podium and will come back to fight again next year. Jens, if you ever read this ... please don't retire until one of them makes it to the top. You've given too much to not take them all the way, just tell those legs of yours to shut up. Congratulations to all the riders & Cadel Evans for proving himself today. I've never been much of an Evans fan, but hats off and high five today. Until next year! P.S. Fabu, help a Schleck brother out with those TT tips and come back to beat Martin yourself next year.

July 23, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Produce delivered.

Organic fresh produce delivered straight from the farm? Yes please. Today I received my first Farm Fresh To You delivery and can not be more excited. It was magical to find this box early this morning at our house. I went for the Fast Fruit & Vegetable box and my kitchen smells amazing. What goodies did I get you ask? I am about to lay my teeth into some fresh organic melon, peaches, red plums, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes/heirloom tomatoes & a few fresh oranges all week long. Moving forward I may lean towards a Valley Box or dare I try a Regular Mix once I test out the waters, but being the fruit fiend that I am, I knew this was a safe pick. Thinking about getting one for yourself? Get yours on their site, but be sure to use my full name as at referral! (I get a free box peeps!)

July 19, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Sightglass Coffee

San Francisco isn't shy of good coffee, but Sightglass Coffee is definately a favorite. We've been buying coffee beans from them since we moved here last June. You can order beans online & I highly recommend you give it a try if you love coffee. Right now we love our Chemex and if either of us are going it solo we go V60.

July 19, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Puggle Snuggles

It's a really gorgeous day here in San Francisco. Finally. I returned last Monday from a few weeks in Michigan with the family, friends & my parents puggles in 90 degree weather, humidity and summer fun only to find grey skies & dreary weather for a week straight. Yuck! I had almost forgot what it felt like to be in the midwest for summer before heading home. Summer in Michigan feels fantastic to go back to. I was quickly reminded that despite the high 90s, you always have to carry a sweater with you because every business and restaurant blasts the air conditioning at the "arctic blast" setting, but that sure beats having low 50 degree weather with tons of wind all June & July. Now that I am back, I sure do miss the puggle snuggles and BBQ food every night. Okay, okay - my friends & family too, but nothing beats those cute little snuggles from Mona & goofy Seymour. I thought I'd be in trouble with my new food allergy discoveries headed back home, but turns out that the summer lends itself well to lean meats and vegetables for dinner. I think J-Pierre & I need to bust out some BBQ'ing in our cute garden backyard soon, as it is slowly starting to get "warmer" (60s + up) here. So here I am! Back in San Francisco, totally slammed, back to my indian food cooking experiments, health food/exercise books & rocking & rolling with work. Lots of exciting things to launch this summer and fall if all stays on schedule, stay tuned.

July 18, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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