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Gorgeous Animal Masks

I nearly jumped out of my chair when I came across these outstanding leather animal masks today at Sundries and Plunder. If you haven't caught on yet, I have a thing for animal things. With less than a month to go for Halloween costume planning, this couldn't have come at a better time and would be a long-lasting go-to investment, but to be honest, I would want one just to hang on the wall in my office. How great would it be to have a few of this in your kid's room for play time? The real question is how do you decide which one to get.

September 17, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

FOOD FLING: Pumpkin Spice Granola

This recipe for Pumpkin Spice Granola on Baking Bites doesn't mess around. This time around I used a bit of Stevia in place of the brown sugar, but the original is so so good. I made it once last year and finished the entire batch off in less than 48 hours with J-Pierre so bake with caution. Alright, confession: I actually have a serious problem with carbohydrates and more specifically cereal or breakfast-type bars, but even more I love the 'pumpkin spice' time of year. It's the Michigan girl in me that is day dreaming this time of year about fall cider mill trips for cider & donuts with my best friend Jennifer. Every time I eat a few bites I think about my friends and family back home.

September 14, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

The perfect Coffee Gift: Chemex

Why? Chemex It makes delicious coffee, it's pretty on the counter & it forces you to slow down and "smell the coffee" before your crazy day begins if you learn how to use it the right way. At a glance if you were to watch us make coffee at my house, you'd swear a science experiment was about to take place, but when that cup of coffee (usually Sightglass Coffee) hits your nose and your lips, it's 1,000 times worth the wait. This fall, I'll try to see if I can get J-Pierre to do a special guest post someday about tips for home-brewing, like why you should never ever store your beans in the freezer and what type or grinder you should invest in if you are a coffee lover.

September 13, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Design on Wheels | Curry Up Now Food Truck

Nice little blog entry from Rosie at PsPrint. Design on Wheels features Design Womb's work for the new Curry Up Now logo & food truck serving the San Francisco Bay Area with delicious indian street food. You can also see a before and after comparison of the logo.

September 13, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Food Fling: Spicy Vegetarian Chili

I was craving something fall-inspired and full of vegetables when I made a version of this Spicy Vegetarian Chili recipe from Joy the Baker's site a few weeks ago. (Thank you Joy!) I am a bit delayed in getting this up, but hopefully those of you that are football, family and/or fall-obsessed can toy around with this now. It was quick, easy and lasted for 3 days for lunch & dinner for the two of us. I think if I make it again I'll like to play with level of spice even more and perhaps go against the grain reducing the beans and adding some turkey or grass fed beef in there. We like it HOT and well, ... this girl likes meat in her chili.

September 13, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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