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Style Check-In

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We’re excited to announce and share the launch of Style Check-In this spring. Style Chck-In is a Chicago-based clothing subscription website service – fashion at your fingertips.

February 23, 2015  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Howlin Fair Isle

Howlin by Morrison is ringing in the fall in San Francisco at Unionmade Goods. Knitwear from Scotland for the boys, you can't go wrong. Okay, busted. Being a knitwear nut I secretly want all of this for myself. I love this line, and I love Todd & Buddy at the shop, double win.

October 03, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave


Odd fact about myself: I love helicopters. I have never actually been in one, but I love looking at them. I especially love the bulbous-shaped older ones and some of the cool old wooden propellers. Dying to have one hanging in my office. It's been one year in the making since moving to San Francisco and I still have yet to have a big fat helicopter painting or print on the wall behind my couch. I better get back on that. I actually love inspecting all sorts of planes, trains and automobiles. So much that I actually designed an entire shoe collection for Omelle with that in mind for Spring/Summer 2011. See the above "Illy" Omelle shoe. I designed that based entirely on helicopter shapes. So now you know. A) I love helicopters B) I love shoes and C) I need a vintage wooden propeller and a big helicopter print for my house.

September 21, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

New Sneaks on the Block

It was time for new running shoes. My latest creations for 2011 - 2012 (Nike ID with Nike+) have arrived. I go for cooky color when it comes to running shoes if you haven't noticed. This is version 3 of this shoe more or less from the last handful of years.

August 26, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

An almost goodbye.

You've run with me through thick & thin on the streets (and many hills) of (at times super WINDY) San Francisco since I moved here last summer. It will be sad to see you go. My new creation (v3) Nike+ I.D. pair is on the way. Are you as excited as I am to see what colors are next for 2011 - 2012? I promise I'll still wear you once in awhile spunky orange kicks.

August 04, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

A Sexy Man

I die a little each time I see the new Tom Ford Ads. So yummy. The guy & the girl make me want to transplant myself to be in the Ads with them. I am a brunette and she has me thinking I want blonde in my hair and that I need to get tan quickly! I'm not kidding, I might even try to bronze myself just to try it out. Too hot to handle, love these glasses, but sad to find out that they were not on the eyewear page on his site. Help! I need them asap. If you haven't seen A Single Man yet, shame on you. It's excellent eye candy and a great film you must see.

March 05, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Blue Suede Shoes, Baby.

Hush Puppies pay a Tribute to Elvis. Who doesn't love anything Elvis related. I know I do. Check out the article by Footwear News.

March 03, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Eames Inspired

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair / Omelle Architect Heel

March 01, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Love my Omelle Genevive Flats

Buy them here:

October 22, 2009  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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