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Lemonmade Style & Snips for Kids

We just wrapped up the logo and branding for Lemonmade. Those of you cool parents in Chicago with little ones, you want to watch for this one in spring of 2012. More to come.

January 20, 2012  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Bear Feet

Bummer that Baby Cricket on Etsy is on vacation the rest of the year and these are not in my size, but nonetheless I had to share them. You can sign up to be notified when the shop is back up.

November 12, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

Animal Coats by Little Goodall on Etsy

How great are these coats. I secretly want one in my size. For all my friends and family with little ones, head on over to the Little Goodall shop on Etsy. These are great for an easy solution to a warm Halloween outfit for a fussy little one or perhaps for some back to school fun. They too cute to pass up. Even if your little one can't fit just yet, maybe stock up for a few years down the road? I can't decide what my favorite one is. The fox. No, the lion. No, definitely the fox .....

September 08, 2011  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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