Just the right cup.

My morning ritual goes a little something like this. After my coffee beans have been ground and the pot is brewing, I grab my Think Thin breakfast bar while I wait. Soon after, the golden moment comes. I have to pick which coffee mug/cup I will use today. I have a set of Pantone mugs, so every day is a different color. Sometimes I base it on my mood, others on the type of day that color evokes. Now, if I could have these mugs for my afternoon tea to put in the mix, I would have a whole new layer of decisions to make. These cheery porcelain mugs are hand-decaled byAustralian artist Samantha Robinson. Sure, maybe all this thought is a little too much for some of you in the mornings, but you can't go wrong and won't even have to think if you have these new beauties to pick from.

April 22, 2010  |  BY Nicole LaFave

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